None of This Is a Metaphor

“The Wings of a Dragonfly” in Valparaiso Fiction

“The Starry Blue” in Per Contra

“The Shrew” in Cheap Pop

“Was This the World” in Storychord

“The Victim” in Everyday Genius

“Loneliness is Key” in Luna Luna magazine

“Unkept” in Specter magazine

“The Broad” and “The Playboy” in NANO Fiction 7.2

“The Idiot,” “The Student,” “The Saint” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“It Will Never Be Deep Enough” in Wigleaf

“Neighborhood Folks” in Finery

“Yeah But Like Why” in Thrice Fiction Magazine

“To Buy” in Two Serious Ladies

“The Catastrophe Parade” in alice blue

“Lowell” in WhiskeyPaper

“The Last List” in Heavy Feather Review 2.2

“Wave to the Drums” in Monkeybicycle

“Independence Rainbow” in issue 3 of Cactus Heart.  

 ”The Correct Answers in the Heather Sections of the SATs” at wigleaf.

 ”The Agenda Futility” at Two Serious Ladies